Anir Mouse

This Anir vertical mouse is the only vertical product which has an scientific acklowledged documented ergonomic effect. It is preventive against CTS/RSI and it does significantly reduce the pain for people suffering from neck, shoulder, forearm and wrist/hand problems. It does not introduce other and new problems when used in a right posture. Effects are documented in university tests. All reports are available. There are 2 sizes available in black for optimal fit for the hand width. Large and Medium are both available in our shop.

Using the vertical mouse

This mouse is nationally and internationally renowned as the best vertical mouse available. Its vertical grip and click possibilities for the thumb and other fingers enhance the position of the hand, wrist and lower arm. The Anir mouse protects the user from any unnatural posture, unlike the more regular mice. This specific mouse has been researched for more than three years (Prof. Arne Aarås cs.) for its ergonomic and anatomic contribution in lowering muscle tension for the whole arm.
The 3M Anir is suited for almost every operating system an can be connected via USB and PS2.

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